Daily Musings – Day 28: Ps 55-84

Psalm 77 is a beautiful prayer that carries both brokenness and hope. Though the Psalmist does not see his present situation changing, he finds hope from the past. Finding hope in remembrance The Psalmist begins his prayer with absolute hopelessness. In fact, he does not find comfort even from speaking to God. Many of us... Continue Reading →

Daily Musings – Day 27: Ps 25-54

Psalm 42 contains an honest prayer from a discouraged soul. The Psalmist's thirst for God in spite of his dire situation is fascinating. Meeting with God in the wilderness The first two verses of the psalm are well-known and quoted often, but as I carefully read the psalm in its entirety, I realised that the... Continue Reading →

Daily Musings – Day 26: Job 35 – Ps 24

We now move on from narratives and approach the books of wisdom. From this reading, Psalms 13 stood out to me. I was inspired by the Psalmist's faith and hope amidst adversity. Psalms 13: Finding hope in the dark This short Psalm begins with difficult, honest questions from a broken, helpless heart: How long, Lord? Will... Continue Reading →

Daily Musings – Day 25: Job 9-34

Much of the book of Job is dialogue, conversations between Job and his friends. The counsel of his friends made me think about how I respond to friends facing pain. Unsolicited counselling When I was younger, I wondered why Job was annoyed by his friends, why he did not seem to appreciate their visit and... Continue Reading →

Daily Musings – Day 23: 2 Chr 36 – Neh 7

What amazed me about this particular reading was God's active presence. Assurances of God's presence and conversations with God had lessened as Israel strayed away from him and did as they saw fit. But now as the people returned to him after the exile, God was more present and involved in their lives. The evidence... Continue Reading →

Daily Musings – Day 20: 1 Chr 6-23

When the Israelites brought the ark of God inside the tent that David had set up for it, they offered sacrifices before God and praised him. I found it intriguing to note that many of their songs were extracted from their own experiences. Music out of experiences One thing that I miss about church gatherings... Continue Reading →

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